M. Anne Spence

Professor of Genetics, Pediatrics
School of Medicine

PH.D., University of Hawaii

Phone: (949) 824-9787
Fax: (949) 824-9789
Email: maspence@uci.edu

University of California, Irvine
Sprague Hall, Room 306
839 Medical Sciences Court
Mail Code: 4482
Irvine, CA 9697
Research Interests
Autism, ADHD, Family Genetics Studies
Academic Distinctions
Grinnell College Distinguished Alumnae Award, 1990
Grinnell College Honorary Degree, 2001
Vice Chancellor-Academic Programs 1992-1994
Research Abstract
Our research focus is identifying the genes responsible for human disease with a particular emphasis on birth defects and behavior disorders in children. We work with the patients and their families to collect data, including DNA for genetic analysis. Current funding includes studies on autism, ADHD, and congenital cataract among others. The analyses are statistical in nature for human data and the laboratory is primarily computer based.
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Flodman, P; Macula, AJ; Spence, MA; and Torney, DC. Preliminary implementation of new data mining techniques for the analysis of simulation data from GAW12: Problem 2. Genetic Epidemiology, 21(Suppl 1):p.S390-5, 2001.
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Swanson, JM; Oosterlaan, J; Murias, M; Schuck, S; Flodman, P; Spence, MA; Wasdell, M; Ding, Y; Chi, H-C; Smith, M; Mann, M; Carlson, C; Kennedy, MJ; Sergeant, J; Leung, P; Zhang, Y-P; Sadeh A; Chen, C; Moyzis, R; and Posner, MI. ADHD Children with a 7-Repeat Allele of the DRD4 Gene Have Extreme Behavior but Normal Performance on Critical Neuropsychological Tests of Attention. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 97(9):4754-4759, 2000.
Martin, RA; Hunter, V; Neufeld-Kaiser, W; Flodman, P; Spence, MA; Furnas, D; Martin, KA. Ultrasonographic detection of orbicularis oris defects in first degree relatives of isolated CL patients. American Journal of Medical Genetics 90(2):155-61, 2000.
Smith, M; Filipek, PA; Wu, C; Bocian, M; Hakim, S; Modahl, C; Spence, MA. Analysis of 1Mb deletion in 15q22-q23 in an autistic patient: identification of candidate genes for autism and of homologous DNA segments in 15q22-q23 and 15q11-q13. American Journal of Medical Genetics, 96(6):765-70, 2000.
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Professional Societies
American Society of Human Genetics
The American Genetics Association
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