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Clinical Professor, Anesthesiology
School of Medicine

Co-Director, Ob Anest


Phone: (714) 456-5501, 6973
Fax: (714) 456-7702
Email: hjchoi@uci.edu

University of California, Irvine
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Orange, CA 92668
Research Abstract
Dr. Choi is evaluating pulse oximetry (a noninvasive system designed to measure arterial oxygen saturation) as a monitor of respiration during epidural morphine analgesia. This type of analgesia is used to lessen postoperative pain, particularly postcaesarean section pain. Dr. Choi also is evaluating epidural administration of sufentanyl with local anesthetics for relief of labor pain.
Awards and Honors
Golden Bucket Award from Residents graduating Class 2015, June 13, 2015
Faculty Exemplar Award from Residents graduating Class 2016, June 18, 2016
Book Chapter
Chapter 42, Obstetric Anesthesia: Corey K Nelson, Ho J Choi, Dmitry Portnoy. OB/GYN Hospital Medicine Principles and Practice Edited by Jennifer Butler et al.
Published by McGraw Hill, 2019
Younan L, Dhoon T, Choi H: Case presentation, Management of a Patient with Unexpected Placenta Percreta
Presented at American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting, October 2018.


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5. I have contributed Chapters of “Maternal Fetal Physiology”, “Complication of OB anesthesia”, “General anesthesia for Cesarean section” for ObGyn Hospitalist Medicine: Principles and Practice, McGrawHill March, 2017

Book Chapter

1. Chapter 21, Obstetric Anesthesia (Translated into Japanese)
“Complications of Pregnancy” Editor Yuji Murata, M.D.
Published by Medica Publishing in February 2006

2. Four Chapters: Muscle Relaxants, Hypnotics/Intravenous Anesthetics, Hemodynamic
Drugs, Opioids.
For the purpose of departmental education resources for Medical students: eBook edited
by Dr. Ashley Broussard. November, 2014


1. Bogard DR, Wong DH, Choi HJ: Case Report: Severe pulmonic stenosis in a parturient. Poster presentation, Western Anesthesia Residents’ Conference, Sacramento, California, April 1993.

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Letters to the Editor:

1. Fujita, RA, Choi HJ: Use of atracurium in pre-eclamptic patients.
British Journal of Anaesthesia 58:1343, 1986.

2. Choi, HJ, Tremper KK, Garber SZ: End-tidal PCO2, should it be a standard of care in obstetric anesthesia? Anesthesiology 64:829-830, 1986.

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Kim WH; Hahm KB; Park SJ; Kang JK; Park IS; Choi HJ; Shin JS; Youn JK. Effect of polyuridylic acid on cellular responses of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients with chronic active hepatitis B. Yonsei Medical Journal, 1993 Sep, 34(3):258-65.
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