Stanley L. Bassin

Clinical Professor, Medicine
School of Medicine


Phone: (949) 824-5561,8856
Fax: (949) 824-5567

University of California, Irvine
620 University Tower, 4199 Campus Drive
C 240 Medical Sciences I
Mail Code: 4062
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Lipids, Diabetes, Obesity Physical activity, Hispanic Health
Peer Reviewed

Galant, S.P., Crawford L.J.R., Morphew, M.S., Jones C.A., Bassin S.L. “Predictive Value of a Cross-Cultural Asthma Case-Detection Tool in an Elementary School Population” Pediatrics”, 2004,114 (3) 483-489

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Book Manuscripts

Preventive Cardiology: A Practical Approach edited by N.D. Wong, J. M. Gardin, and H. Black, 2 Chapters "Assessing Physical Activity" and "Hispanic-American Cardiovascular Risk Factors". The first of the new Masters in Cardiology series McGraw Hill is publishing. 2004

Practical Strategies in Preventing Heart Disease edited by N.D. Wong, J. M. Gardin, and H. Black 2 Chapters "Assessing Physical Activity” and "Hispanic-American Cardiovascular Risk Factors". Publisher McGraw- Hill 2002
S06GM053933 (Hoyt) 09/1-2003-06/30/04 25% NIH/MBRS Bone Health and Ethnicity in Pre Menopausal Women Submitted to National Institute of Health, Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) SCORE Program in collaboration with University Co-Investigator Director of Physical Activity California, Irvine, Medical School, Co- Investigator $ 973.392. Submitted September 30,2004. Co-Investigator, Director of Physical Assessment 25% 1-U01-DK061259-01 (Cooper) 03/01/02 - 02/28/09 75% PHS - NIH NIDDK $1,576,058 Exercise Strategy to Prevent Pediatric Type 2 Diabetes The major goal of this research is to introduce an innovative approach to increase physical activity in schools, and thereby, decrease risk factors for type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents. The research is also aimed understanding the fundamental inter-relationships among fitness, body composition, and physiological markers of glucose homeostasis in growing children. Co-Investigator Director of Physical Activity S06GM53933 (Hoyt) 09/1-2003-06/30/04 25% NIH/MBRS Sensible Therapy for Osteoporosis Prevention The major goal of this project is to determine how exercise can influence bone development in sedentary ethnically diverse female young adults. Co-Investigator Director of Physical Activity 1R01 HD37746-01A1 (Jamner) 06/19/02 - 05/31/04 10% PHS - NIH Child Health & Human Development $242,550 Osteoporosis Prevention in Sedentary Adolescent Females In response to an NIH RFA, this proposal investigates the behavioral approaches to exercise in physically inactive adolescent females. Coordinator of Physical Activity Programs.
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