Jone L. Pearce

Professor, School of Business
Paul Merage School of Business

PH.D., Yale University

M.A., Yale University

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University of California, Irvine
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Professor Pearce is an expert in human resources management, organizational behavior and design, and leadership.
Fulbright Fellowship; National Science Foundation research grants; won the School's Teaching Excellence Award in two years
Jone L. Pearce's field is organizational behavior, with research centering on how societal structures and organizational practices affect individual participants and their working environment. Her current research projects focus on developing and testing theories that assist in explaining organizational behavior in 1) the transitioning formerly communist countries, and 2) in workplaces relying on mixed contractor-employee workforces. Her work has appeared in over fifty scholarly articles in such publications as the Academy of Management Journal and Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, and she has written two books. Her honors include research grants from the National Science Foundation; a Fulbright Fellowship to the International Management Center, Hungary, in 1989; Teaching Excellence Awards; and an invitation to testify on legislation pending before the United States House of Representatives. Professor Pearce has been active in the Western Academy of Management, serving as President in 1995-96, and in the Academy of Management currently serving as a Representative-at-Large on its Board of Governors.

Professor Pearce has conducted executive training programs in human resources management, leadership, organizational behavior, interpersonal dynamics, performance motivation, and organizational design for such domestic companies as Silicon Systems, IBM, FHP, Priority Health/Matrix, and Fluor Daniel; and overseas for executives from China, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, and Russia. She has spoken to a wide variety of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and professional and academic associations.
Publications Pearce, J.L., 1993. Volunteers: The Organizational Behavior of Unpaid Workers, New York: Routledge.
  Xin, K. and Pearce, J. L. (1996) Guanxi: Connections as substitutes for formal institutional support. Academy of Management Journal, 39, 1641-1658.
  Pearce, J.L., Stevenson, W.B., and Perry, J.L., Managerial Compensation Based on Organizational Performance: A Time Series Analysis of the Impact of Merit Pay, Academy of Management Journal, 28, 261-278, 1985.
  Tsui, A. S., Pearce, J. L., Porter, L. W., Tripoli, A. M. (1997) Alternative approaches to the employee-organization relationship: Does investment in employees pay off? Academy of Management Journal, 40, 1089-1121.
Selected the Academy of Management's Human Resources Divisions Most Significant Contribution to the field in 1997.
  Bigley, G. A. & Pearce, J. L. (forthcoming, 1998) Straining for shared meaning in organization science: Problems of trust and distrust. Academy of Management Review,

Academy of Management
Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology
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