Leonard M. Kitzes

Professor and Acting Chair, Anatomy & Neurobiology
School of Medicine

Professor, Otolaryngology
School of Medicine

Professor, Cognitive Sciences
School of Social Sciences

PH.D., University of California, Irvine

Phone: (949) 824-6469
Fax: (949) 824-8549
Email: lmkitzes@uci.edu

University of California, Irvine
337 Med Surge II
Mail Code: 1275
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Auditory System Neurobiology, Physiology and anatomy of auditory system, Developmental determinants of brainstem auditory system, structure, and function, Auditory cortex function and structure
Research Abstract
Dr. Kitzes' work focuses on the structure and function of neurological pathways involved in the auditory system. Particular attention in Dr. Kitzes' research is paid to the mechanisms by which auditory information from the two ears is integrated in the brain. He also seeks to determine the experiential and environmental factors that influence the maturation of binaural hearing during early development and the consequences of deafness in one ear (as frequently occurs in cases of maternal rubella) on the development of auditory pathways in the brain.
Nakamoto, K.T. Zhang, J. and Kitzes, L.M. Response patterns along an isofrequency contour in cat primary auditory cortex (AI) to stimuli varying in average and interaural level. J. Neurophysiol. 91: 118 - 135, 2004.
Zhang, J., Nakamoto, K.T., and Kitzes, L.M. Binaural interactions revisited in the cat primary auditory cortex. J. Neurophysiol. 91: 101 - 117, 2004
Kitzes LM, Hollrigel GS. Response properties of units in the posterior auditory field deprived input from ipsilateral primary cortex. Hear Res. 1996 Oct;100(1-2):120-30.
Phillips DP, Kitzes LM, Semple MN, Hall SE. Stimulus-induced spike bursts in two fields of cat auditory cortex. Hear Res. 1996 Aug;97(1-2):165-73.

Phillips, D.P., M.N. Semple, and L.M. Kitzes. Factors shaping the tone level sensitivity of single neurons in posterior field cat auditory cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology 1995;73:674-686.
Kil, J., G.H. Kageyama, M.N. Semple, and L.M. Kitzes. Development of ventral cochlear nucleus projections to the superior olivary complex in gerbil. Journal of Comparative Neurology 1995;353:317-340.
Kitzes, L.M., G.H. Kageyama, M.N. Semple, and J. Kil. Development of ectopic projections from the ventral cochlear nucleus to superior olivary complex induced by neonatal ablation contralateral cochlea. Journal of Comparative Neurology 1995;353:341-363.
Kitzes, L.M. and D. Doherty. Influence of callosal activity on units in the auditory cortex ferret (Mustela putorius). Journal of Neurophysiology 1994;71(5):1740-1751.
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