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Professor & Director, Tu & Yuen Center for Functional Onco-Imaging

Head, Division of Physics & Engineering/Rad Sci, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
The Henry Samueli School of Engineering

PH.D., University of Oregon, 1970
MS, Case-Western Reserve University, 1968

Phone: (949) 824-6001
Fax: (949) 824-3481
Email: nalci@uci.edu

University of California, Irvine
Irvine Hall, Rm 164
Mail Code: 5020
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy, Digital Radiography, Computed Tomography, Medical Imaging
Research Abstract
Investigation of Tumor Transport Parameters by NMR Imaging
Investigator: O. Nalcioglu and M-Y Su*
Research Assistant: Z. Wang
Support: California Breast Cancer Research Program

The research has been in the development of spatially resolved image based measurement techniques to quantify tumor physiologic parameters. These parameters include but not limited to vascular volume, vascular permeability, pO2, etc. Our current research in this area focuses on the development of measurement techniques, testing the accuracy of these techniques in animal tumor models, and studying the alterations in these parameters by administering vaso-modulators in conjunction with MRI contrast agents of varying molecular weights. In our work we use a large number of animal tumor models such as Walker-256, R3230 AC, MCF7, EMT6, and C6 glioma. In addition to these we have also been very
active in the development of image based measurements for the quantification of microvascular blood flow in tumors and its alterations during the course of tumor development. This is an area of research that we have worked on for the past twelve years. As a new project we have started working on a new imaging technique to determine the hypoxic regions in tumors. Some preliminary data in this area has been submitted for publication. At the next stage we are planning to use our technique in conjunction with radiation therapy both in predicting success of treatment and for monitoring its alterations during the treatment.

M-Y Su, PhD is an Assistant Researcher in Radiological Sciences at UCI

Development of an Magnetic Resonance Imaging System for Research
Investigators: O. Nalcioglu and C. Guclu**
Student: T. Ceylan
Support: HS Research Imaging Center-UCI and National Institute of Aging

A second area of research has been in the development of a research MRI scanner at UCIMC using the 1.5 Tesla clinical magnet. The reason for this effort was the limitations imposed by the clinical hardware that have been a hindering factor in implementing some of the imaging techniques that have been conceived at UCI but implemented at other sites that had better hardware than UCI. Towards this goal we have successfully integrated a data acquisition console with the 1.5T GE magnet and a head echo planar gradient coil. The hardware will be used for 3D dynamic imaging in the studies of tumor physiology mentioned above in conjunction with the software proposed by us 10 years ago for 3D echo planar imaging but could not have been implemented due to the hardware limitations previously mentioned. In order to improve the quality of echo planar images we have developed additional hardware that can be used in monitoring the image acquisition trajectory in real time and employed to correct image artifacts. This hardware is currently being patented by the UC and also submitted for publication. Several companies have already shown interest in licensing this technology from the UC. Furthermore, we have also developed a computer controlled visual activation system used in conjunction with the research MRI scanner for functional MRI(fMRI) studies. Some of the preliminary data obtained by echo planar fMRI in Nalcioglu's Lab has been used in obtaining a grant entitled "Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Brain and Spinal Cord" with R. Blanks as the PI. Two other grant proposals have been submitted to NIH in the area of fMRI. These are: "Brain Imaging of Adult Children of Alcoholics" PI: Schandler and "Brain Imaging of Spinal Cord Injured" as M. Cohen as the PI.

C. Guclu, PhD is a Postgraduate Researcher in Radiological Sciences at UCI

In-Vivo Spectroscopic Quantification Techniques
Investigator: O. Nalcioglu
Research Assistant: G. Chen
Support: National Institute of Aging

This project is aimed towards developing nuclear magnetic resonance quantification techniques which can be used to measure metabolites in humans in-vivo. The researchers have been developing various image acquisition methods, radio frequency coils, and signal/image processing techniques toward this aim. We have developed measurement techniques that can be employed to obtain spatially resolved pO2 values using F-19 spectroscopy with perfluoroboron(PFB) which is of importance in tumor treatment. We have also developed a H-1 MRS technique that can be used to quantify glutamate which is an important neuro transmitter implicated in various neuro disorders. The technique was implemented at UCI at 1.5T field strength and at the University of Minnesota at 4.0T

Magnetic Resonance Techniques in Alzheimer's Disease
Investigators: O. Nalcioglu, C.W. Cotman, and J.P. Kesslak
Research Assistants: P-C. Chen and W. Ge
Support: National Institutes of Health

The focus of this project is to develop non-invasive diagnostic quantification techniques based on magnetic resonance imaging. The researchers have discovered that the progression of Alzheimer's disease causes certain parts of the brain to undergo atrophy. They have developed NMR pulse sequences and image processing algorithms to quantify such changes. Furthermore, they have developed a dynamic image acquisition technique which can be used to differentiate patients who have vascular dementia from Alzheimer's dementia.

Carl W. Cotman is Professor of Biological Sciences, Neurology, and Human Behavior at UCI. J. Patrick Kesslak is Assistant Adjunct Professor of Neurology at UCI.
Available Technologies
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis of Age Related Changes in the Brain of Individuals with Down's Syndrome" (J.P. Kesslak, S. Nagata, I. Lott, and O. Nalcioglu). Neurology 44,1039(1994).
"Measurement of Vascular Volume Fraction and Blood-Tissue Permeability Constants with A Pharmacokinetic Model: Studies in Rat Muscle Tumors with Dynamic Gd-DTPA Enhanced MRI" ( M-Y. Su, Jo-Chi Jao, and O. Nalcioglu). Mag. Res. Med. 32,714(1995).
"Targeting of Glucose Oxidase to Murine Lymphoma Allografts" (M. Samoszuk, J. Emerson, V. Nguyen, M-Y. Su, and O. Nalcioglu). Tumor Targeting 7, 1(1995).
"Real time pixel inspection (RPI) for artefact correction in single photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT)" (D. Bor, O. Nalcioglu, S. Ozcelik, and H. Bayhan). Physica Medica, XI, 23(1995).
"Data analysis for dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI-based cerebral perfusion measurements: correcting for changing cortical CSF volumes" (J.F. Emerson, J.F.,P-C. Chen, W.R. Shankle, R.J. Haier, and O.
Nalcioglu). Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology, and Medicine, 3,41(1995).
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