John C. Hemminger

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Vice Chancellor for Research, 2010--2015

Dean and Professor of Chemistry; 2006-10
School of Physical Sciences

Chair, Department of Chemistry; 1993-96
School of Physical Sciences

Director; 1987-93, Institute for Surface and Interface Science (ISIS)

Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D., Harvard University, 1976, Chemical Physics
B.S., University of California, Irvine, 1971, Chemistry

Phone: (949) 824-6020
Fax: (949) 824-2095

University of California, Irvine
334B Rowland Hall
Mail Code: 3175
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Surface Chemistry and Physics
Academic Distinctions
Outstanding Faculty Research Award of the UCI Alumni Association

Alfred P. Sloan Fellow

Fellow of the American Physical Society

Fellow of the American Vacuum Society

Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fellow of the American Chemical Society

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Senior Scientist Research Award

2003 Charles R. Bennett "Service Through Chemistry" Award, Orange County Section, ACS

2004 National ACS Award: "Arthur W. Adamson Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Surface Chemistry"

2006 Medard W. Welch Award from the AVS
1976-78, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California at Berkeley
Research Abstract
Surfaces and the chemistry that happens on them, control much of what happens in our modern high technology world. As such chemists are interested in reactions that occur on a wide variety of both simple and complex surfaces (e.g., surfaces of nanostructures, surfaces of electrodes, heterogeneous catalysts, solar energy systems, surfaces of semiconductors, as well as particles in the atmosphere). Recent advances in experimental probes of the atomic and molecular properties of solid surfaces now allow detailed studies of these and many other phenomena at the molecular level. We use modern surface science techniques to study the chemistry and structure of adsorbates on highly characterized surfaces of metals, semiconductors, and insulators. Underlying all of our research is an interest in understanding the fundamentals of the interactions of small molecules with surfaces. Such fundamental understanding will lead to the ability to design new materials that have the desired surface chemistry and to control the surface structure on the nanometer and atomic scale. We combine structural experiments (scanning tunneling microscopy(STM) and electron microscopies) with spectroscopic experiments (vibrational spectroscopy, photoelectron spectroscopy, and surface reactivity studies (mass spectrometry) to understand the mechanistic details of heterogeneous reactions. We develop new kinds of experiments that provide unique insight into surface reactions. One such new experiment is our usage of laser induced desorption of molecular adsorbates from surfaces coupled with Fourier transform mass spectrometry to detect and quantify the species desorbed from the surface. This unique experiment provides us with the ability to quantitatively follow complex chemical reactions on a surface as the reaction proceeds. We also use STM to follow the progress of chemical reactions on surfaces at the molecular level. Recently, we have used modern surface spectroscopies to study surface reactions that occur on particles in the atmosphere. We have shown, for example, that adsorbed water plays a major role in the surface chemistry of sea salt particles reacting with gas phase smog constituents in the marine troposphere. We have also shown that minor constituents of sea salt particles (e.g., Br-) segregate to the surface of the particles and are very important to subsequent heterogeneous chemistry.
“Does Nitric Acid Dissociate at the Aqueous Solution Surface?”
Tanza Lewis, Bernd Winter, Abraham C. Stern, Marcel D. Baer, Christopher J. Mundy, Douglas J. Tobias, and John C. Hemminger
J. Phys. Chem. C, In Press, (2011). DOI: 10.1021/jp205842w

“CO2 Capture in Amine-Based Aqueous Solution: Role of the Gas--Solution Interface”
Tanza Lewis, Manfred Faubel, Bernd Winter, and John C. Hemminger
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, (2011). DOI: 10.1002/anie.201101250.

“Dissociation of Strong Acid Revisited: X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulations of HNO3 in Water”
T. Lewis, B. Winter, A.C. Stern, M. D. Baer, C.J. Mundy, D. J. Tobias, J. C. Hemminger
J. Phys. Chem., 115(30), 9445-9451 (2011). DOI: 10.1021/jp205510q

“Photodeposition of Ag or Pt onto TiO(2) Nanoparticles Decorated on Step Edges of HOPG” J. Taing, M.H. Cheng, J. C. Hemminger
ACS Nano, 5(8), 6325-6333 (2011). DOI: 10.1021/nn201396v

“Electronic structure of sub-10 nm colloidal silica nanoparticles measured by in situ photoelectron spectroscopy at the aqueous-solid interface”
M. A. Brown, R. Seidel, S. Thuermer, M. Faubel, J.C. Hemminger, J.A. van Bokhoven, B. Winter, M. Sterrer
PCCP, 13(28) 12720-12723 (2011). DOI: 10.1039/c1cp21131e

“High-Throughput Measurement of the Seebeck Coefficient and the Electrical Conductivity of Lithographically Patterned Polycrystalline PbTe Nanowires”
Yang, Yongan, Taggart, David K., Cheng, Ming H., Hemminger, John C., Penner, Reginald M.
J. Phys. Chem Lett., 1(20), 3004-3011 (2010). DOI: 10.1021/jz101128d

“Smaller is Faster and More Sensitive: The Effect of Wire Size on the Detection of Hydrogen by Single Palladium Nanowires”
Fan Yang, Sheng-Chin Kung, Ming Cheng, John C. Hemminger, Reginald M. Penner
ACS Nano, 4(9), 5233-5244 (2010).

“Single-Molecule Imaging of Platinum Ligand Exchange Reaction Reveals Reactivity Distribution”
N. Melody Esfandiari, Yong Wang, Jonathan Y. Bass, Trevor P. Cornell, Douglas A. L. Otte, Ming H. Cheng, John C. Hemminger, Theresa M. McIntire, Vladimir A. Mandelshtam, Suzanne A. Blum
JACS, 132(43), 15167-15169 (2010). DOI: 10.1021/ja105517d

“Interfacial Dushman-like Chemistry in Hydrated KIO3 Layers Grown on KI
Matthew A. Brown, Paul D. Ashby, Maria J. Krisch, Zhi Liu, B. Simon Mun, Richard G. Green, Javier B. Giorgi, and John C. Hemminger
J. Phys. Chem. C, 114(33), 14093-14100 (2010), DOI 10.1021/jp1025703
“Reaction of Bromide with Bromate in Thin Film Water”
John T. Newberg, Theresa M. McIntire, and John C. Hemminger
J. Phys. Chem. A, 114(35), 9480-9485 (2010). DOI:10.1021/jp102006t

“Wafer-Scale Patterning of Lead Telluride Nanowires: Structure, Characterization, and Electrical Properties”
Y. A. Yang, D. K. Taggart, M. A. Brown, C Xiang, S. C. Kung, F. Yang, J. C. Hemminger, R. M. Penner
ACS Nano, 3(12), pg 4144-4154 (2009).

“Graphitic Electrical Contacts to Metallic Single-Walled Cargon Nanotubes Using Pt Electrodes”
Alexander A. Kane, Tatyana Sheps, Edward T. Branigan, V. Ara Apkarian, Ming H. Cheng, John C. Hemminger, Steven R. Hunt, and Philip G. Collins
Nanoletters, 9(10), 3586-3591 (2009).

“Hygroscopic Growth and Deliquescence of NaCl Nanoparticles Mixed with Surfactant SDS”
Christopher W. Harmon, Ronald L. Grimm, Theresa M. McIntire, Mark D. Peterson, Bosiljka Njegic, Vanessa M. Angel, Ahmad Alshawa, Joelle S. Underwood, Douglas J. Tobias, R. Benny Gerber, Mark S. Gordon, John C. Hemminger, and Sergey A. Nizkorodov
J. Phys. Chem. B, 114(7), pg 2435-2449 (2010).

“D2O water interaction with textured carboxylic acid terminated monolayer surfaces characterized by temperature programmed desorption and molecular dynamics”
Ronald L. Grimm, Douglas J. Tobias, and John C. Hemminger
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 114(3), pg 1570-1579, 2010.

“Halide vacancies created by the heterogeneous reaction of OH with alkali halide crystals”
M. A. Brown, T. M. McIntire, V. Johánek and J. C. Hemminger
J. Phys. Chem. A, 113(12), 2890-2895 (2009).

“Experimental and Theoretical Characterization of Adsorbed Water on Self-Assembled Monolayers: Understanding the Interaction of Water with Atmospherically Relevant Surfaces”
Samar G. Moussa, Theresa McIntire, Milan Szori, Martina Roeselova, Douglas J. Tobias, Ronald L. Grimm, John C. Hemminger, and Barbara J. Finlayson-Pitts
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 113(10), 2060-2069 (2009) DOI: 10.1021/jp808710n

“The Spatial Distributions of Nitrate and Nitrite Anions at the Liquid/Vapor Interface of Aqueous Solutions”
Matthew A. Brown, Bernd Winter, Manfred Faubel, and John C. Hemminger
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 131(24), 8354-8355, (2009) DOI: 10.1021/ja901791v.

“Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Investigation of the Conversion of Ethylene to Carbon Clusters and Graphite on Pt(111)”
Viktor Johanek, Ana B. De La Ree, and John C. Hemminger
Journal of Physical Chemistry, C Volume: 113 Issue: 11 Pages: 4441-4444 DOI: 10.1021/jp810298w

“Synthesis of PbTe Nanowire Arrays Using Lithographically Patterned Nanowire Electrodeposition”
Y. Yang, S.C. Kung, D.K. Taggart, C. Xiang, F. Yang, M.A. Brown, A.G. Guell, T.J. Kruse, J. C. Hemminger, and R. M. Penner
Nano Letters. 8(8), 2447-2451 (2008) DOI: 10.1021/nl801442.

“Surface Structure of KIO3 Grown by Heterogeneous Reaction of Ozone with KI (001)”
Matthew A. Brown, Zhi Liu, Paul D. Ashby, Apurva Mehta, Ronald L. Grimm, John C. Hemminger
Journal of Physical Chemistry, C, 112(47), 18287-18290, (2008).

“Coupled Electrooxidation and Electrical Conduction in a Single Gold Nanowire”
Chengxiang Xiang, Aleix Guell, Matthew Brown, Jun Kim, John C. Hemminger, Reginald Penner
Nano Letters, 8(9), 3017-3022 (2008).

“Ion Partitioning at the Liquid/Vapor Interface of a Multi-component Alkali Halide Solution: A Model for Aqueous Sea Salt Aerosols”
Sutapa Ghosal, Matthew A. Brown, Hendrik Bluhm, Maria J. Krisch, Miquel Salmeron, Pavel Jungwirth, and John C. Hemminger
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 112(48), 12378-12384 (2008).

“Polarization-Dependent Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering from Silver 1-D Nanoparticle Arrays”
Wei Luo, Wytze van der Weer, Ping Chu, D. L. Mills, Reginald M. Penner, and John C. Hemminger
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 112(31), 11609-11613 (2008) DOI: 10.1021/jp803455s.

“Simultaneous detection of H2+ with larger ions using Fourier transform mass spectrometry”
Michelle M. Ivey, and John C. Hemminger
Analytical Chemistry, 80(13), 5044-5050 (2008).

“Reactivity of ozone with solid potassium iodide investigated by atomic force microscopy”
Matthew A. Brown, Paul D. Ashby, D. Frank Ogletree, Miquel Salmeron, and John C. Hemminger
Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 112(22), 8110-8113, 2008..

“Getting specific about specific ion effects”
Douglas J. Tobias, and John C. Hemminger
Science, 319(5867), 1197-1198, 2008.

“D2O water interaction with mixed alkane thiol monolayers of tuned hydrophobic and hydrophilic character”
Ronald L. Grimm, Nicole M. Barrentine, Christopher J. H. Knox, and John C. Hemminger
The Journal of Physical Chemistry, C; 112(4), 890-894, 2008.

“A unique dosing system for the production of OH under high vacuum for the study of environmental heterogeneous reactions”
Matthew A. Brown, Viktor Johanek, John C. Hemminger
Review of Scientific Instruments, 79(2), 2008.

“Ion spatial distributions at the liquid-vapor interface of aqueous potassium fluoride solutions”
Matthew A. Brown, Maria J. Krisch, Raffaella D’Auria, David E. Starr, Hendrik Bluhm, Douglas J. Tobias, and John C. Hemminger
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“The reactive uptake of ozone on solid potassium iodide”
Matthew A. Brown, John T. Newberg, Maria J.,Krisch, B. Simon Mun, and John C. Hemminger
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“The effect of an organic surfactant on the liquid-vapor interface of an electrolyte solution”
Maria J. Krisch, Raffaella D'Auria, Matthew A. Brown, Douglas J. Tobias, and John C. Hemminger
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“Physical vapor deposition of one-dimensional nanoparticle arrays on graphite: Seeding the Electrodeposition of gold nanowires”
C. E. Cross, J. C. Hemminger, and R. M. Penner
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“Substrate Changes Associated with the Chemistry of Self-Assembled Monolayers on Silicon”
Theresa M. McIntire, S. Rachelle Smalley, John T. Newberg, A. Scot Lea, John C. Hemminger, and Barbara J. Finlayson-Pitts
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“Bismuth Telluride (Bi2Te3) Nanowires: Synthesis by Cyclic Electrodeposition/Stripping, Thinning by Electrooxidation, and Electrical Power Generation”
E. J. Menke, M. A. Brown, Q. Li, J. C. Hemminger, and R. M. Penner
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“Luminescent Polycrystaline Cadmium Selenide Nanowires Synthesized by Cyclic Electrodeposition/Stripping Coupled with Step Edge Decoration”
Q. Li, M.A. Brown, J.C. Hemminger, and R.M. Penner
Chemistry of Materials, 18(15), 3432-3442, (2006)

“Soft X-ray Microscopy and Spectroscopy at the Molecular Environmental Science Beamline at the Advanced Light Source”
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