Search Tips

The below table illustrates advanced syntax that may be useful in refining your search.

Searching for: Will find: Note:
film Film or FILM or films or filming 4
"film" Film or FILM (no case) 2,3
<case>Film Film (case sensitive)  
film* film, films, filming  
filming filming, film, films, etc. 4
film, can film or can  
film NOT can film or films, etc. but not with can  
film AND can film with can (in any combination)  
film AND can* film with can, canning, etc. (in any combination)  
film can film can (exact phrase)  
  1. To search by first and last name, use AND in between, e.g. john AND smith not john smith.
  2. Use double quotes around search term to find exact match - no derivations.
  3. Searches are case insensitive by default.
  4. Derivative forms of a search term are automatically recognized, unless you use double quotes.

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