Faculty African American Studies
Picture of Frank Benjamin  Wilderson, III

Frank Benjamin Wilderson, III

Professor of African American Studies and Drama, African American Studies School of Humanities
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2004, Rhetoric/Film Studies M.F.A., Columbia University, NYC, 1991, Creative Writing A.B., Dartmouth College, 1980, Government/Philosophy

469 Krieger Hall
Irvine, CA 6850

Phone: (949) 824-4604
Email: fwilders@uci.edu

Fields of Interest:
Film theory, Marxism, Black Political Theory, Dramaturgy, and Cultural Studies

Forthcoming books:
Red, White, & Black: Cinema and the Structure of U.S. Antagonisms (Duke UP 2009)

Incognegro: From Black Power to Apartheid and Back--A Memoir of Exile (South End Press 2008)

Articles and Book Chapters:
“The Prison Slave as Hegemony’s (Silent) Scandal.” Warfare: the American Homeland and Prison. Joy James, ed. Duke University Press. (Reprinted from Social Justice) 2005.

“The Prison Slave as Hegemony’s (Silent) Scandal.” Social Justice, Vol.3, No. 2. 2004.

“Gramsci’s Black Marx: Whither the Slave in Civil Society?” Social Identities, Vol., No. 2. 2003.

"The Makgoba Affair: Semiotics of a Prelates' War", Debate, Vol. 1, No.1. 1996.

“‘Niggas are a Whole New Gadget’: African American Dissonance and Engagement in the‘ New’ South Africa.” Les Temps Modernes. Vol. 50, No. 585. 1995.

“Curriculum Reconstruction and its Implications for Meeting the ANC’s Reconstruction and Development Program Human Resource Needs.” Perspectives In Education: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research. Vol. 16, No.1. 1995.

Creative Writing:
“Incognegro.” (Memoir excerpt). Konch. Ishmael Reed, ed. http://www.ishmaelreedpub.com/ 2002.

“When the World Was October.” (Novel excerpt.) Callaloo. Vol. 14, No.1. 1991.

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