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Elisa Tamarkin
Associate Professor, English

Ph.D., Stanford University
Research Interests:
American Literature to 1900; Early National and Antebellum Cultural History; Circum-Atlantic Cultures; American Painting and Visual Arts
Research Summary:
Elisa Tamarkin teaches American literary and cultural history before 1900, with special interest in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Her research and teaching focus on circum-atlantic cultures, slavery and antislavery, theories of style and social form, the intersections of class and race, and the history of literary studies in America. Her work also explores the role of traditionary practices in democracy, the afterlife of the British empire in the U.S., and early academic culture and the experience of college. She is the author of _American Anglophilia: Deference, Devotion, and Antebellum Culture_ (forthcoming University of Chicago Press) and of published or forthcoming essays on such topics as the social life of abolitionists, Revolutionary historiography and history painting, and Frederick Douglass and Herman Melville in relation. She is currently at work on a book project entitled, "Irrelevance: The Scholarly Life in the Age of News" on ideas of relevant and irrelevant knowledge since 1830 and on the relationship between the academy and the press. Professor Tamarkin is the recipient of an ACLS Fellowship and a President's Research Fellowship in the Humanities.

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