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Brandon John Brown

Director of Global Health Research, Education, and Translation Program (GHREAT), Undergraduate Director
Public Health

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2010, International Health

M.P.H., UCLA, 2006, Epidemiology

B.S., UC Irvine, 2004, Mathematics

Postdoc, UCLA, 2011, Global Health

Phone: (949) 824-6996
Email: brandon.brown@uci.edu

University of California, Irvine
2024 Anteater Instruction & Re
Mail Code: 3957
Irvine, CA 92697

picture of Brandon John Brown

HPV, HIV, STDs, cervical cancer, genital warts, female sex workers, MSM, vaccines
URLs UCI public health website
UCLA Program in Global Health
NGO Via Libre
Epicentro-mens community health center
Brandon has received several awards for his work on HPV, HIV, and cervical cancer prevention, including the Mary and Carl Taylor Fund in International Health, the Delta Omega scholarship, the Dan David Prize, the Clements Mann Fellowship in Vaccine Sciences, the Carol Eliasberg Martin scholarship in cancer prevention, and the International AIDS Research Travel Award.
Brandon teaches several courses, including Ethics and responsible conduct of research in public health, Introduction to ethics in public health, International Epidemiology, Sex trafficking, Advances in global health, Introduction to global health ,Honors Research,Upper division writing in public health
Appointments UCLA Program in Global Health
My research focuses on infectious diseases in developing countries. I have a large vaccination study with female sex workers (FSWs) in Peru. I also have ongoing studies of cancer screening, HPV, STIs, and HIV in FSWs and men who have sex with men (MSM). My new cohort study looks at the effect of genital warts on HIV incidence among high risk MSM. I have submitted grants for projects on syphilis, HIV and HPV in high risk groups, and setting up an STD lab in Peru.
Publications 1. Petros G*, Airhihenbuwa CO, Simbayi L, Ramlagan S, Brown B. HIV/AIDS and OTHERING in South Africa: The Blame Goes On. Culture, Health and Sexuality 2006; 8(1): 67-77.
2. Brown BE and Brown BJ, M, Welch R, Cranston B, Hanchard B, Hisada M*. Haplotypes of IL6 and IL10 and Susceptibility to Human T Lymphotropic Virus Type I Infection among Children. The Journal of Infectious Diseases 2006; 194: 1565-9
3. Brown BJ, Huang M-H, Karlamangla AR, Kado DM*, and Seeman TE. APOE- ?4 and vitamins B6, B12, folate, or homocysteine interacting to predict cognitive function and longitudinal decline: MacArthur Studies of Successful Aging. Journal of Nutrition, Health, and Aging 2010.
4. Brown B, Carcamo C, Blas M, Valderrama M, and Halsey N*. Peruvian FSWs: understanding HPV and barriers to vaccination. Vaccine 28 (2010) 7743-7747.
5. Brown B, Blas M, Cabral A, Carcamo C, Gravitt P, Halsey N*. Oral sex practices, oral HPV, and correlations between oral and cervical HPV prevalence among female sex workers in Lima, Peru. International Journal of STDs and AIDS 2011; 22: 655-658.
6. Brown B*, Blas M, Cabral A, Byraiah G, Guerra-Giraldez C, Sarabia-Vega V, Carcamo C, Gravitt PE, Halsey NA. HPV Prevalence, Cervical Abnormalities, and Risk Factors among Female Sex Workers in Lima, Peru. International Journal of STDs and AIDS 2011; 23 242-247
7. Brown B*, Blas M, Cabral A, Carcamo C, Gravitt P, Halsey N. Randomized trial of HPV4 vaccine assessing the response to vaccine in two schedules among Peruvian FSWs. Vaccine 2012; 30: 2309-14.
8. Brown B* and Klausner JD. High-level evidence demonstrates male circumcision reduces Human Papilloma Virus infections. HPV Today n26.
9. Munoz K, Sharoff N, Brown B*. Reducing HPV Transmission in the Developing World through Education and Targeted Vaccination. Journal of Global Health Perspectives (Accepted October 3, 2012).
Grants Merck IISP 35706: May 2008-April 2012~ Acceptability and feasibility of a modified HPV vaccine schedule in brothel based female sex workers in Peru and pap smear sensitivity.
Merck IISP 37983: May 2011-February 2012~A study of HPV prevalence in multiple anatomical sites among men who have sex with men in Peru and anal cancer screening.
Merck IISP 39619: October 2011-December 2014~The role of Genital Warts in HIV acquisition among MSM in Peru
UC Mexus: November 2011-April 2012~Cervical cancer prevention among female sex workers in Tijuana, Mexico
NIH R01 PAR-11-145 International Research in Infectious Diseases: July 2012-June 2017~Syphilis: Translating technology to understand a neglected epidemic
Fordham Research Ethics Training Institute: July 2012-June 2014~Undue inducement in clinical studies of HIV in developing countries
Infectious Disease Society of America
Global Health Council
Other Experience Investigator
NGO Via Libre 2009—Pres

Undergraduate Council
UC Irvine 2011—Pres

Curriculum Committee Chair
UCI 2011—Pres

Graduate Programs Public Health

Research Center Global Health
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