Alessio Pigazzi

Associate Clinical Professor, Surgery
School of Medicine

A.B., Boston University, 1991, Biology

M.D., Boston University School of Medicine, 1998, Medicine

Ph.D., Boston University School of Medicine, 1998, Biochemistry

M.D., Universita' degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", Medicine

Phone: (714) 456-8511

University of California, Irvine
333 City Blvd West
Suite 850
Orange, CA 92868

picture of Alessio  Pigazzi

Top Doctors, Pasadena Magazine, 2012
Resident Achievement Award, SAGES 2002
Alpha Omega Alpha, Honor Medical Society, 1998
Savenor Prize for Student Excellence in Surgery, Boston University, 1998
American Heart Association Student Research Fellowship, 1992-1993
Karen Grunebaum Research Award, Boston University, 1993
Betty Lea Stone, American Cancer Society Student Research Award, 1992
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