Bert Scruggs

Associate Professor of Chinese

Associate Professor, Center for Asian Studies

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2003


University of California, Irvine

Irvine, CA 92697

Local Culture, Environmental Humanism, Ecocriticism, Taiwan, China, Translation, Postcolonialism, Postsocialism
Publications Books:

Scruggs, B. M. (2015) Translingual Narration: Colonial and Postcolonial Taiwanese Fiction and Film. University of Hawai'i Press.

Book Chapters, Peer-Reviewed:

Scruggs, B. M. (2012). "Cultivating Taiwanese: Yen Lan-chuan and Juang Yi-tseng's 'Let It Be' (Wumile)" Documenting Taiwan on Film: Issues and Methods in New Documentaries. Lin, S. Li-Chun, T.-l. Sang (Eds.). London: Routledge, 150-185.

Journal Articles, Peer-Reviewed:

Scruggs, B. M. (2014). “Landscapes and Sublime Memories: Revisiting Liang Xiaosheng’s ‘A Land of Wonder and Mystery’” Frontiers of Literary Studies in China, 8(4), 513-531.

Scruggs, B. M. (2013). "The Postcolonial Appearance of Colonial Taiwan: Film and Memory" Frontiers of Literary Studies in China, 7(2), 194-213.

Scruggs, B. M. (2004). "Identity and Free Will in Colonial Taiwan Fiction: Wu Zhuoliu’s ‘The Doctor’s Mother’ and Wang Changxiong’s ‘Torrent'" Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, 16(2), 160-183.

Scruggs, B. M. (2006). "Narratives of Discomfort and Ideology: Yang Kui’s Short Fiction and Postcolonial Taiwan Orthodox Boundaries" Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique, 14(2), 427-447.
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