Todd K Dupont

Assistant Professor, Earth System Science
School of Physical Sciences

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 2004, Geosciences

M.S., University of Maine, 1996, Quaternary Studies

B.S., University of Maine, 1994, Geological Sciences

Phone: (949) 824-1133
Fax: (949) 824-3874

University of California, Irvine
3218 Croul Hall, MC 3100
University of California
Mail Code: 3100
Irvine, CA 92697

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Cryospheric Change, Glaciology, Ice Sheet Dynamics
Appointments 2006-2007, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences
2004-2006, Research Associate, Penn State University, Dept. of Geosciences and Earth and Environmental Systems Institute
My research focuses primarily on the flow and evolution of ice sheets and glaciers. As noted in the most recent IPCC assessment, the single largest uncertainty in projections of sea-level rise over the coming century is due to our as yet inadequate models of cryospheric change, and particularly ice-sheet dynamics. This motivates a great deal of my research effort. More specifically I model the dynamics of ice streams (concentrated regions of fast-flowing ice), along with their floating extensions, called ice shelves. I am also interested in feedbacks between the atmosphere, ocean, and cryosphere, and therefore view the inclusion of dynamic cryospheric component models within earth system models as a priority.
Publications Alley, R. B., S. Anandakrishnan, T. K. Dupont, B R. Parizek, and D. Pollard, Effect of Sedimentation on Ice-Sheet Grounding-Line Stability, Science, 315(1838), doi:10.1126/science.1138396, 2007.
  Dupont, T. K., and R. B. Alley, Role of small ice shelves in sea-level rise, Geophysical Research Letters, 33(L09503), doi:10.1029/2005GL025665, 2006.
  Alley, R. B., T. K. Dupont, B. R. Parizek, S. Anandakrishnan, D. E. Lawson, G. J. Larson, and E. B. Evenson, Outburst flooding and surge initiation in response to climatic cooling: An hypothesis, Geomorphology, 75, 76–89, 2006.
  Alley, R. B., T. K. Dupont, B. R. Parizek, and S. Anandakrishnan, Access of surface meltwater to beds of subfreezing glaciers: Preliminary insights, Annals of Glaciology, 40, 8–14, 2005.
  Dupont, T. K., and R. B. Alley, Conditions for the reversal of ice/air surface slope on ice streams and shelves: a model study, Annals of Glaciology, 40, 139–144, 2005.
  Dupont, T. K., and R. B. Alley, Assessment of the importance of ice-shelf buttressing to ice-sheet flow, Geophysical Research Letters, 32(L04503), doi:10.1029/2004GL022024, 2005.
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  Schmeltz, M., E. Rignot, T. K. Dupont, and D. R. MacAyeal, Sensitivity of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica, to changes in ice-shelf and basal conditions: a model study, Journal of Glaciology, 48(163), 552–558, 2002.
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