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Director, Center for Epigenetics and Metabolism (joint with BioSci)
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Donald Bren Professor, Biological Chemistry
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Joint Appointment, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
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Joint Appointment, Pharmaceutical Sciences
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Ph.D., University of Naples, Italy, 1979

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University of California, Irvine
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signal transduction, gene expression, oncogenesis, circadian clock
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1977 - Philips European Award for Young Investigators

1990 - Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization

1994 - EMBO Gold Medal

1996 - Rosen Prize (Fondation de la Recherche Médicale), France

1997 - Grand Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour la Recherche, France

2001 - Segerfalk Award Lecture, Lund University, Sweden

2003 - Grand Prix Charles-Léopold Mayer de l’Académie des Sciences, Paris

2003 - ISI Highly Cited

2004 - Edwin B. Astwood Award Lecture of The Endocrine Society, USA

2004 - The Umesono Memorial Award Lecture, The Salk Institute, San Diego, USA.

2004 - CNRS Silver Medal, Paris

2010 - Athalie Clarke Achievement Award from the Research Associates, a community-based support group for the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine

2010 - Appointed Donald Bren Professor, established to support outstanding faculty members and to enhance scholarship, research and creative achievement

2011 - Roy O. Greep Award Lecture for outstanding contributions to research in endocrinology

April 2011 - The 2012 Transatlantic Medal, The Society of Endocrinology, for significant contributions to the discipline and to promote connections between endocrinology in the United Kingdom and North America.

June 2011 - Selected as an external member of the Max Planck Society, one of the world's most prestigious scientific groups.
Dr. Sassone-Corsi's major interest is concentrated on the mechanisms of signal transduction able to modulate nuclear functions and, in particular gene expression, chromatin remodeling and epigenetic control. These events have important consequences for the understanding of cellular proliferation, oncogenesis and differentiation. The stimulation of intracellular pathways and the activation of specific protein kinases lead to transcriptional regulation by changes in the phosphorylation state of nuclear factors. These act as final targets of different pathways and modulate expression from specific regulatory sites. The strength of these studies is particularly evident within physiological settings which have been investigated by this lab, the molecular control of circadian rhythms and the differentiation of male germ cells.
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Publications Relevant Publications:

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Grants National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) R01 GM081634, 08/01/07-07/31/12, $1,054,346 direct costs, Chromatin remodeling and circadian clock control (Role: P.I.).
Angelini Pharmaceuticals, Inc., ANG-48184, 09/01/09-06/30/10 and 01/01/11-09/30/11, $84,314 and $71,895 direct costs, Molecular details of mechanisms of action of Bindarit and other Angelini MCP-1 inhibitors (Role: P.I.).
Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM) INSERM-44790, 01/01/08-12/31/11, $602,056 direct costs, Epigenetic control of neuronal plasticity (Role: Co-Director of UCI-INSERM Research Unit. Director: Dr. Emiliana Borrelli).
National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) F32 DK083881, 05/01/10-04/30/12, $98,080 direct costs, CLOCK regulation of liver metabolism via modulation of HNF-4a (Role: Sponsor for Postdoctoral Fellow, Kristin Mahan).
Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, Inc., SP-48984, 05/01/10-04/30/12, $313,726 direct costs, SIRT1 in circadian biology and cellular metabolism (Role: P.I.).
National Institute of General Medical Science (NIGMS) F32 GM097899, 09/01/11-08/31/13, $102,628 direct costs, The role of SIRT6 in modulating circadian expression (Role: Sponsor for Postdoctoral Fellow, Selma Masri).
National Institute of Aging (NIA) R21 AG041504, 09/15/11-08/31/13, $275,000 direct costs, SIRT1 and MLL1 interplay in circadian clock function (Role: P.I.).
Associazione Italiana per la Recerca sul Cancro (AIRC) AWD #TBD, 11/01/11-10/31/13, $121,902 direct costs, Role of the circadian clock in oncogene-induced senescence and tumorigenesis (Role: Sponsor for Postdoctoral Fellow, Gabriele Sulli).
Institut Merieux, AWD #TBD, 01/01/12-12/31/14, $300,000 Euros (approx $408,000 US) total costs, Nutrition and metabolism: the epigenetic circadian link (Role: P.I.).
Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization
Member of the European Cellular Biology Organization
Member of the Endocrine Society (USA)
Member of the American Society for Photobiology (USA)
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Chair, Department of Pharmacology
University of California, Irvine 2006—2011

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