Lisa A. Flanagan

Associate Professor, Neurology
School of Medicine

Ph.D., University of California, San Diego, Neuroscience

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University of California, Irvine
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Dr. Flanagan’s lab studies the mechanisms that control the generation of functional neurons from stem cells. Using mouse and human neural stem cells, they are investigating the genetic and environmental cues that regulate the proliferation and neuronal differentiation of these cells. They are also exploring three-dimensional biomaterials that would be suitable as transplantation scaffolds for both neural and human embryonic stem cells. In collaborations with members of the Biomedical Engineering Department, Dr. Flanagan’s lab is using engineered microfluidic platforms to prospectively sort stem cells and expose them to continuous gradients of soluble factors in order to determine optimal conditions to specify differentiation.
Publications Last Five Years of Publications
  Stringari, C., J.L. Nourse, L.A. Flanagan, E. Gratton. Phasor fluorescence lifetime microscopy of free and protein-bound NADH reveals neural stem cell differentiation potential. In press, PLoS One, 2012.
  Lu, J., C.C. Barrios, A.R. Dickson, J.L. Nourse, A.P. Lee, L.A. Flanagan. Advancing practical usage of microtechnology: a study of the functional consequences of dielectrophoresis on neural stem cells. Integrative Biology 4(10): 1223-36, 2012.
  Prieto, J.L., J. Lu, J.L. Nourse, L.A. Flanagan, A.P. Lee. Frequency discretization in dielectrophoretic assisted cell sorting arrays to isolate neural cells. In press, Lab on a Chip, DOI: 10.1039/c2lc21184j, 2012.
  Sharp, K.G., A.R. Dickson, S.A. Marchenko, K.M. Yee, P.N. Emery, I. Laidmäe, R. Uibo, E.S. Sawyer, O. Steward, L.A. Flanagan. Salmon fibrin treatment of spinal cord injury promotes functional recovery and density of serotonergic innervation. Experimental Neurology 235(1): 345-56, 2012.
  Labeed, F.H., J. Lu, H.J. Mulhall, S.A. Marchenko, K.F. Hoettges, L.C. Estrada, A.P. Lee, M.P. Hughes, L.A. Flanagan. Biophysical characteristics reveal neural stem cell differentiation potential. PLoS ONE 6(9):e25458, 2011.
  Sharp, K.G., L.A. Flanagan, K.M. Yee, O. Steward. A re-assessment of a combinatorial treatment involving Schwann cell transplants and elevation of cyclic AMP on recovery of motor function following thoracic spinal cord injury in rats. Experimental Neurology 233(2): 625-44, 2011.
  Shepard, P.J., E-A. Choi, J. Lu, L.A. Flanagan, K.J. Hertel, Y. Shi. Complex and dynamic landscape of RNA polyadenylation revealed by PAS-Seq. RNA 17(4): 761-72, 2011.
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  Flanagan, L.A., J. Lu, L. Wang, S.A. Marchenko, N. Jeon, A.P. Lee, E.S. Monuki. Unique dielectric properties distinguish stem cells and their differentiated progeny. Stem Cells 26(3): 656-665, 2008.
  Mangale, V.S., K.E. Hirokawa, P.R.V. Satyaki, N. Gokulchandran, S. Chickbire, L. Subramanian, A.S. Shetty, B. Martynoga, J. Paul, M.V. Mai, Y. Li, L.A. Flanagan, S. Tole, E.S. Monuki. Lhx2 selector activity specifies cortical identity and suppresses hippocampal organizer fate. Science 319: 304-309, 2008.
  Xua, X., J. Mannik, E. Kudryavtseva, K.K. Lin, L.A. Flanagan, J. Spencer, A. Soto, N. Wang, Z. Lu, Z. Yu, E.S. Monuki, B. Andersen. Co-factors of LIM domains (Clims/Ldb/Nli) regulate corneal homeostasis and maintenance of hair follicle stem cells. Developmental Biology 312: 484-500, 2007.
  Wang, L., L.A. Flanagan, N. Jeon, E.S. Monuki, A.P. Lee. Dielectrophoresis switching with vertical sidewall electrodes for microfluidic flow cytometry. Lab on a Chip 7(9): 1114-1120, 2007.
  Wang, L., L.A. Flanagan, A.P. Lee. Side-wall vertical electrodes for lateral field microfluidic applications. J. Microelectromechanical Systems 16(2): 454-461, 2007.
  Ju, Y., P.A. Janmey, M.E. McCormick, E.S. Sawyer, L.A. Flanagan. Enhanced neurite growth from mammalian neurons in three-dimensional salmon fibrin gels. Biomaterials 28: 2097-2108, 2007.
  Flanagan, L.A., L.M. Rebaza, S. Derzic, P.H. Schwartz, E.S. Monuki. Regulation of human neural precursor cells by laminin and integrins. J. Neurosci. Res. 83(5): 845-856, 2006.
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