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Judith Treas

Professor, Sociology
School of Social Sciences

Director, Center for Demographic and Social Analysis (C-DASA)

PH.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Phone: (949) 824-8324, 2572
Fax: (949) 824-4717
Email: jktreas@uci.edu

University of California, Irvine
4291 Social Sciences Plaza B
Mail Code: 5100
Irvine, CA 92697

picture of Judith  Treas

Family, Aging, Life Course, Gender, Inequality, Social Demography
URL www.faculty.uci.edu/profile.cfm?faculty_id=2603&term_list=
Matilda White Riley Distinguished Scholar Career Award,
American Sociological Association Section on Aging and the Life Course
President, Pacific Sociological Association
Petersen Scholar Award for Aging and Family Research
Sociological Research Association Member
Population Association of America Blue Ribbon Poster Award
Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring
Fellow, Gerontological Society of America
Judith Treas joined the UCI Sociology Department in 1989 as its founding chair, having previously served at the University of Southern California. In 1998, she led the founding of the UCI Graduate Program in Demographic and Social Analysis (DASA) and later the campus research Center on Demographic and Social Analysis (C-DASA), which she now directs.

Engaging issues of inequality, gender, family, and aging and the life course, often from a cross-national perspective, her research is represented in nearly 100 published articles, chapters, and books. Her cross-national research on how partners manage household work has been supported by NSF and by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. She is the U.S. partner in EQUALITY, the European Science Foundation collaboration on sustainable gender equality and the first EuroCores initiative in the social sciences. Her other main line of research, funded by the Russell Sage Foundation, considers older adults in America’s immigrant families. In development is a project to study how the prestige of occupations has changed over time.

Dr. Treas is Chair-Elect of the Section on the Sociology of Population of the American Sociological Association and has served as the Chair of the ASA Section on Aging and the Life Course. She was facilitator of the U.S. Census Advisory Committee (Population Association of America Subcommittee), which provides technical consultation to the Census Bureau on its projects and products. She has also served on the Board of Directors of the Population Association of America and on the Board of Overseers of the General Social Survey.
Publications Selected Recent Publications
  Judith Treas and Sonja Drobnic (Eds.). 2010. Dividing the Domestic: Women, Men and Household Work in Cross-National Perspective. Stanford University Press.

Judith Treas and Fernando Torres-Gil (Eds.). 2009. “Immigration in an Aging Society.” Generations: The Journal of the American Society on Aging 32 (4), Pp. 1-104.

Judith Treas. 2010. “The Great American Recession: Sociological Insights on Blame and Pain.” Sociological Perspectives 53:3-17.

Tsui-o Tai and Judith Treas. 2009. “Does Household Composition Explain Welfare Regime Poverty Risks for Older Adults and Other Household Members?” Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences 64: 777-87.

Judith Treas. 2008. “The Dilemma of Gender Specialization: Substituting and Augmenting Wives’ Household Work.” Rationality and Society 20:259-282.

Judith Treas and Esther de Ruijter. 2008. “Earnings and Expenditures on Household Services in Married and Cohabiting Unions.” Journal of Marriage and Family 70: 796-805.

Julianne Ohlander, Judith Treas, and Jeanne Batalova. 2005. "Explaining Educational Influences on Attitudes toward Homosexual Relations." Social Science Research 34:781-99.

Esther de Ruijter, Judith Treas, and Philip N. Cohen. 2005. “Outsourcing the Gender Factory: Living Arrangements and Service Expenditures on Female and Male Tasks.” Social Forces 84:306-322.
Grant "Understanding Gender Inequality in Household Labor". European Science Foundation-EuroCores Programme HumVIB. NSF # SES 0833010 (September 1, 2008-August 31, 2011).
Graduate Programs Sociology

Research Center Demographic and Social Analysis
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