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Help and General Introduction

For Users

UCI's Faculty Profile System is the "virtual" family of UCI researchers whose professional biographies are searchable by name (or "sounds like"), department, Research Unit, or any term in key words or other data fields. E-mail links are built in to each record, as are optional links to personal or departmental web pages.

The Faculty Profile System requires that your Employee ID number matches a UCI title that the system classifies as faculty. In the unlikely event that the ID number does not match your name, please contact the webmaster.


search hints

Searching for: Will find: Note:
film Film or FILM or films or filming 4
"film" Film or FILM (no case) 2,3
<case>Film Film (case sensitive)  
film* film, films, filming  
filming filming, film, films, etc. 4
film, can film or can  
film NOT can film or films, etc. but not with can  
film AND can film with can (in any combination)  
film AND can* film with can, canning, etc. (in any combination)  
film can film can (exact phrase)  
  1. To search by first and last name, use AND in between, e.g. john AND smith not john smith.
  2. Use double quotes around search term to find exact match - no derivations.
  3. Searches are case insensitive by default.
  4. Derivative forms of a search term are automatically recognized, unless you use double quotes.

For Faculty

Editing Hints

Edit your Profile as much as you want — "commit changes to profile" merely saves the current changes you have made. You can go back into "Edit Profile" and continue to make any desired additions, deletions or corrections.

Longer entries, such as Research Abstract, may be more easily edited using a plain text editor like Notepad (Windows) or Text Edit (Mac). You can highlight an existing entry, paste it into your text editor, make edits, and then paste it back into the form field. Just make sure to delete the old text in the form field, then paste in your new text.

When you're done, do be sure to click the "Commit Changes" button at the bottom of the page. Most changes appear in your profile immediately. Photos don’t show up for a day or so.

Image Upload

To upload an image saved on your computer, click on the "Browse" button to the right of "Upload image." A box will open up that will allow you to browse your hard drive to choose the saved image. When you hit the "Commit Changes to Profile" button at the bottom it will be uploaded into a temporary directory. Before it can be added to your profile, it will be inspected and possibly cropped to a smaller size.

Tips on Adding Titles (including roles in Research Units)

Faculty members usually have at least one academic title in a Department (in a School). But many also are members of one or more Research Units.

FP allows you to add ancillary titles so that your name will appear in drop-down searches of Research Units of the FP front page. It is easy to create multiple "Academic Positions":

  1. Scroll down to "Academic Position & Research Unit" and click "Add Position."
  2. If you want to show participation in a research unit, select a title, perhaps just "Researcher," that corresponds to your role. That title will appear automatically in "Display Title." Alternatively, using "Display Title," you can type in any title that is appropriate. Faculty Profiles accommodates all ancillary titles, including those related to external service to government, government agencies, boards, or publications. Government advisory roles, for example, Congressional testimony, also may be listed in Other Experience.
  3. For your main academic position(s), select a School, and a department. For a role in a Research Unit, instead of the School, select "Research Centers and Institutes." The box beneath (the one that usually lists departments) offers a list of the Centers, Institutes, and other recognized Research Units.
  4. Click "Commit Changes to Profile." This saves additions and changes, but you aren’t really committed to anything. Keep adding as many titles or changes as you like.

Tips on Publications

FP lets you add a publication, which automatically appears at the top of the list. Publications can be re-ordered using the Re-Order Publications function. However, when listed individually, a large list of papers can become unwieldy.

Workaround: A complete publications list in any order you prefer can be prepared in a word processor and pasted into a single pubs field.