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About the Faculty Profile System

UCI's Faculty Profile System is a centralized and searchable information resource designed to help faculty develop sources of support for their work and to increase accessibility for collaborators, students and the community. Searches can be done by name, department, key word or full text data fields. E-mail links are built into each record for easy communication, as are links to personal or departmental web pages. The System is used by:

Faculty members are invited to update or add their profiles to the UCI Faculty Profile System. To submit your profile, simply access www.faculty.uci.edu with your UCI Employee Identification Number in hand. Click "For Faculty" and then click "New Profile" or "Update Profile". The rest is self-explanatory. You can cut and paste information from your vita, upload a picture, and preview the record as it will look on the system before submitting it. This is your profile and you control the content and update frequency.

After you have submitted your profile, you get an immediate confirmation e-mail message verifying that you successfully submitted the profile. If you get such a message in the future and you have not updated your profile, immediately contact the Webmaster. Your profile will also become accessible via links to a number of locations, including the Research and Graduate Studies Website, the OTA webpage and those of many schools and departments.

If you have questions or need assistance in any way, please contact Greg Ruth (greg.ruth@uci.edu).